Dec 21, 2006

Kiki Character Designs for One Wee World

Kiki is my latest character that I have designed that has gone straight to DVD in "One Wee World Celebrates Mexico."

One Wee World introduces the world's first multicultural DVD series specifically created for both children and grown ups to enjoy the learning about different world cultures. www.

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Mar 19, 2006

Kiera Knightley

This is a sketch from one of the posters from Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Nacho Libre

I am studying to be a sketch artist so here is a sketch of the Nacho Libre poster!

Life Drawing Animals

Mar 15, 2006


My first real caricatures completed in ink, water color and color pencil.

Mar 4, 2006


Angela (top), Christie (second), Melisa (third) and Brenna (last) together make up Roomies. Character designs and Story development, these four girls share one small two-bedroom dormroom. They get along most of the time which really means that they are four adolescent young teenage girls whom cannot really seem to always get things right. With four completely different priorities but each priority is more important than the next roomies... so lets see who can survive until the end of the school year, literally...


Character deisgns of Brucio, the Baker. He is a world reknown chief and aspiring to be the world's greatest baker, therefore he will soon be changing his name to Brucio the Great.


Goliath is the character design from the David and Goliath piece. He is the bully and tyrant and that gets defeated by the itty bitty but very brave David.


Desiree is the character design from the David and Goliath piece. Desiree specializes in fashion and the "how to's" to getting everything she wants from Goliath.

Sidekicks of Desiree

Loni (left) and Rena (right) also known as Sidekicks of Desiree are characters from Daivd and Goliath. They are the muscle and the followers if Goliath's girlfriend, Desiree.


David is the character design from the David and Goliath piece. David is not the toughest looking sheppard but he did pick up the rock...


Julie is the character design from the David and Goliah piece. Julie is the girlfriend of David also known as his backbone... she's the one that told him to pick up the rock.

Miss Clara

Miss Clara is the first piece of The Ole West. Miss Clara runs the Lucks Gambling Hall in the Town Square. When shes not busy hustling wallets... shes working part time hustling hearts.

Bob, the Pianist

Bob, the Pianist is the second piece from The Ole West. Bob is always around all the excitement so he knows all the gossip on everyone.


Bart is a piece from The Ole West. He is also the big bad bully who is madly in love with Clara.

My Mom

My Mom is a caricature of my mom. She is alomst always caught wearing a hat.
Prisma Color Markers and graphite.

The Green Door

The Green Door is a piece done in Illustrator.

Quick Sketches

Life Drawings